Weight Watchers Progress Two Month Update

February was a busy month for our family. Of course, there was our epic Disney vacation (which I’ve talked about here, here and here) but I had lots going at work as well. Between deadlines and Disney, I will admit that my weight watchers progress suffered a little bit. While I lost eight pounds during my first month on the program, my second month was half of that. Yes, a four-pound loss is better than nothing. To be honest, I not upset at all, really. Because if last month proved anything, it’s that I can stick to the basic healthy principles of weight watchers, even when life happens. That’s what the goal is, right? To find something that can work for real, real life. So, if you’re interested, here is my breakdown week by week…


Weight Watchers Progress Two Month Update


My Weight Watchers Progress Week by Week


Week 1

We were all excited about the week ahead. Knowing that I would – without the least bit of guilt – indulge is some sweet and savory foods during our trip, I made a conscious effort to be extra good about staying within and below my daily points allowances. With all that good behavior – I didn’t really go into my flex points. Getting 6 out of 7 blue dots for the week paid off with a 2.5-pound loss.


Week 2

Magic Kingdom Madness. Our Disney vacation was truly magical, and our family enjoyed every minute of it. Even the sore feet and the tantrums. I ate candy apples, Disney waffles, cupcakes with ears and drank gallons of Starbucks. You would think I was trying to set my progress back by weeks. But guess what? I didn’t gain a single ounce. How? I tracked every day – all the “bad” stuff I was eating against all the walking we were doing (about 6+ hours a day). Basically, I racked up a ton of Fitness Points.

What are Fitness Points? If you didn’t know this about weight watchers, once you run out of your daily points and flex points, you can earn points for exercising. The one stipulation is that you meet a certain daily threshold of 3-5 Fitness Points a day before this can happen. But with all the exercise we were doing, meeting this threshold was a breeze. Plus, honestly, apart from the sweets, my choices remained fairly healthy as I’d already developed better eating habits.


Week 3

Have you heard about post Disney-depression? I think it’s a real thing. Or perhaps, post vacation blues generally is a real thing. After “partying hard” for several days, I had a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. BTW, my definition of partying hard is a slice of cake and a glass of Pinot Noir. Only a half pound loss this week.


Week 4

I started to get my groove back. Blue dots were achieved 5 out 7 seven days, with a loss of 1.5 pounds. Yay!


Final Thoughts on My Weight Watchers Progress

Like I said, the best thing about this month was knowing that I could balance the realities of our modern lives with a commitment to adopting healthier eating habits. As I draft this post, I’m already in my third month on the weight watchers program and I’m still doing O.K. Going forward, I think that one of my most important goals will be to incorporate regular exercise in my routine.


What are your healthy eating and lifestyle tips?


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