Weight Watchers One Month Update

So, as most of you know, I signed up for Weight Watchers in January. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read this post. It’s been a month and I’m ready to share my progress with you all. Have I lost any weight? What’s it been like? How do I feel about the program now? Well, if you’re simply dying to know (heavy sarcasm), read on my friend as I break it down week by week…


Weight Watchers One Month Update


Weight Watchers One Month: Week by Week

Week One: Hands down, the most challenging. Anything new usually is. Personally, the toughest adjustment I faced was portion control. To make matters worse, Aunt Flo visited me that week as well.  Despite being delivered a double whammy, however, I pushed through and was rewarded with 5 out 7 blue dots.

What the hell are blue dots, you ask? Basically, they’re like stickers for a job well done. If you’re use the Weight Watchers mobile App – it tracks your points for you. For every day you stay within your allotted point range, you get a blue dot.  Hmm. Guess we never really got over those gold stars in kindergarten. At the end of the first week, I was 2 pounds down!

Week Two: It gets easier. Having gotten over the initial shock of essentially cutting my portions in half, I hit a stride in the second week. Did I mentioned I was reducing my meat intake as well? To kick the health factor up a notch, we’re eating vegetarian 4 days a week. One of our regulars is a healthy veggie stir-fry…


Weight Watchers One Month Update
Weight Watchers One Month Update


Trust me, it tastes fantastic. We’ve always loved vegetables in this house so incorporating even more of them isn’t something difficult for us to do. In fact, it really seems to be helping. Got 6 out of 7 blue dots my second week. Another 2 pounds gone. Yas!

Week Three: Full disclosure. By this point, I was craving something sweet and missing some of the small indulgences I once took for granted. Two things helped with the sugar fix: zucchini chocolate cake (see recipe here) and Menchies.  Can’t we get an Amen for frozen yogurt?  And the best news…despite adding sweets back into my life, I accomplished my biggest loss yet: 3.5 pounds!

Week Four: Perhaps a little too confident from my great week before, I kind of over indulged on the weekend. It was a celebration. There was a steakhouse and some wine involved. C’est la vie. While a one pound loss was not what I was hoping for, I ain’t mad at it.


Weight Watchers One Month: Takeaways

  1. It really is Freestyle. Perhaps, one of the best features of the WW program is the lack of restrictions. You can literally eat anything you want on as long as you account for it.  Yes, it forces you to structure the rest of your intake around your “treats” -but, hey, at least you don’t have to say no to wine.
  2. Support. The WW online community, weekly meetings, weigh-ins and coaches can really help to keep you motivated. What do these activities have in common? You can talk to other people who are on the same journey as you are…whether that’s in the comfort of your own home or IRL.
  3. You can have a bad day.  On a few occassions I had pizza, steak, beer, brie, and other such “oh no, not on your diet” type foods. But guess what? It was OK. Because I just tracked them.  Life as I knew it wasn’t over. This kept me from descending into a deep pit of mental and emotionally despair.
  4. No starvation. Although I had to adjust my portions, I was never really hungry. In spite of certain restrictions, the introduction of “free foods” (zero point foods) really helps to keep hunger at bay. I could have a pack of chips for 5 points or I could have an apple, banana and boiled egg for zero. You do the math.
  5. No binge eating. No food group of type of food is prohibited on WW (sugar, carbs, caffeine, alcohol). If you’re craving something, just eat it and make sure you factor it into your daily allowance.  If, for example, I just have to have some french fries then I make sure that the rest of my choices for the day are as healthy as possible. This means no debilitating guilt that leads to the inevitable “since I ate that chocolate chip cookie I might as well polish off the entire box” behavior.
  6. Accountability. Finally, tracking helps me to control myself. If I see my points approaching critical mass, I know I have to stop myself. Yes, I can just eat that piece of cake. But then I may have to sacrifice brown rice at dinner. I’ll take my brown rice, thank you very much.

Final Thoughts: During my first month on weight watchers, my total weight loss was 8 lbs (3.6 kilos).  Essentially, that’s about 2 lbs/week…a pretty healthy rate. I credit my success with generally good behavior in sticking to my points and eating more vegetarian meals. At the end of the day, the weight watchers program will give you as much as you put into it.  Stay tuned for more next month!

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6 thoughts on “Weight Watchers One Month Update

  1. I think the support is a huge factor based on what I’ve heard – it’s like, you’re all in this together and why not support each during the rough patches? And celebrate the milestones too – with like-minded folks.
    Sounds like your weight loss is at a good healthy pace – keep it up! 🙂

  2. I think the WW program is a great way to embark on a healthy eating journey as you learn to measure your daily intake of food and how to adapt it to your lifestyle instead of being on a diet and then going back to life as it was before.
    Well done!

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

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