Things I’ve Googled Lately: Instagram Stories & Korean Beauty

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? This post is all about Things I’ve Googled Lately. Seem pointless? Maybe. The idea came to me while trying to reacquaint myself with Instagram. I hadn’t really been active on my social media accounts for several months and was, without much success, attempting an Instagram story. There was a very simple thing that I couldn’t figure out. At that moment, I truly felt my age. In some ways, 40 is the new 20. And while I am few years away from that number, sometimes I feel like being in my 30’s may as well mean I’m 80 to a millennial. Nothing against 80-year-olds. Or millennials. Anyway, point is – even though Instagram is a young person’s game (generally, speaking), if I’m going to do this blogging thing, I need at least know how to post an Instagram story properly. Right? Probably. Debatable.

As I turned to the doubled edged sword that is google, I was confident I’d find the answers I was looking for. Because, let’s be real. I’m not the first person to find themselves in this predicament. Shaking my head, I wonder at our reliance on the “internet” and the wide range of strange, hilarious, embarrassing, scary, profound, stupid, practical and useless things we plug into our search engines. For a moment, I shuddered at the blind trust we imbue it with…as if it is the keeper of all worthy knowledge. Where are we headed as species when we’d rather ask Google, Alexi, Cortana or Siri a question than another human being? On that note…lemme tell you the things I’ve googled lately…


Things I've Googled


Things I’ve Googled: How do I remove the date on photos in Instagram Stories?

When you select a photo to post in Instagram stories, the date the photo was taken (or edited) is displayed. I spent a good five minutes trying to get rid of it. This one should have been obvious. But ya know, it’s amazing how many things that should be obvious, aren’t. This is what shows up in my Google search when I typed “How do I remove the date on photos in Instagram Stories?”


Things I've Googled Lately


Luckily for me, I found the answer in the first link: drag the date to the trash can. Of course. The trash can. Like it works for pretty much everything else in our digital and computerized world. Good thing I’ve got those two degrees. And yes. I looked behind my shoulder like someone was watching me.


Things I've Googled


Just for kicks (and because I’m a blogger and know what it’s like to be on page one million of a search), I also clicked on these articles which were on page 18…


things I've googled


What do Harvard University and wagging tails have to do with Instagram. Oh, more than we know, more than we know…wink


Things I’ve Googled: What does whitening mean in Korean Beauty?


I’m on a real skincare kick again. Before blogging and becoming a makeup lover, I was a total skincare junkie from a very young age. It’s probably because I struggled with acne as a teenager and young adult. I still kind of do (it’s more complicated than “acne”) but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, over the past several months, my skincare addiction has been in full throttle mode. During my obsessive research, you can imagine how many times whole “K-beauty” concept which has been trending like crazy (since 2015? 2014?) keeps coming up. Because trends scare me, I stayed away for a while. This went against my skincare fanatic nature, but I haven’t always had good experiences with “Asian” skincare.

You see, this whole notion of “whitening” in Korean Beauty maybe new to the New World, but with familial ties to Asia – I’ve got some baggage when it comes to certain ideas of beauty that are popularized in that part of the world. I remember visiting my family in Hong Kong as a young girl and my aunt taking me to the beauty counter to buy “whitening” products because I was so tanned. In addition to my mixed background, I lived in the Caribbean. That means being in the sun pretty much all the time, especially when you’re a child. (Nowadays, I hardly ever see the sun, lol). Anyway, the notion of Chinese women’s obsession with pale, white skin and all the heaviness that comes with that, sort of tainted Asian beauty brands for me.


Things I've Googled

Things I've Googled Lately


Fast forward almost two decades later and while some things have remained the same, there are noteworthy changes as well. Younger generations seem to not be as obsessed with whole pale, white skin thing. They key preposition being “as”. Don’t expect to see them out tanning anytime soon. The biggest change, however, is probably in the way skincare products are formulated and marketed. Probably as a result of shifting cultural norms and attitudes, more progressive products promise to “brighten” by removing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation with cosmetic-grade acids rather than to “whiten” with the use of dangerous bleaching agents.


Some of the first links that show up in Google search when I type in “What does whitening mean in Korean Beauty?” are some interesting Soko Glam articles which kind of make the assertion that “whitening” has always meant “brightening” in the Korean meaning of the word and in Korean beauty products.


Things I've Googled Lately


I don’t know if I completely buy that point of view. BUT, I do appreciate that the discussion around the subject is changing. Language and culture are powerful forces. Maybe one day the term will be dropped completely and convincing ourselves that “whitening” means “brightening” won’t be necessary because “brightening” will just mean “brightening”.


What things have you googled lately?

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  1. What would we do without Google?!! 😛
    Yes “whitening” is such a misused term in Asian skincare. It’s most about getting rid of any pigmentation and uneven skin colour to get a smooth appearance. I don’t completely buy it either. I tried some whitening products to lessen my freckles but in the end, only IPL worked.

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