Gymboree Gymbucks Sale 2018: Our Wishlist

One of the more indulgent activities associated with having a little girl (or boy) is shopping for cute clothing. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love dressing-up my daughter. The fun factor increased exponentially when she finally began to walk at about 13 months. Because, dresses and shoes you guys. And yes, side note, she took her time with walking. Hey, why rush it when you’ve got people to tot you around, right? As worried as I was before it actually happened, I needn’t have been. She’s making up for any lost time by basically running everywhere. Sigh. Back to the clothes. The first Gymboree Gymbucks sale of the year starts today (Early Access + Free Shipping) and I thought it would be fun to share my current wish list with you guys!


Gymboree Gymbucks Sale 2018

Why I like shopping at Gymboree…

Look, I realize that in a few short years – my dear daughter will be telling me how she wants to dress (among other things). Therefore, I’m taking advantage of what little influence I can have on her design choices now. Generally speaking, I prefer to dress our Bunny (her pet name) in clothes that could be mini versions of an adult outfit.  That’s why one of my favorite mainstream children’s clothing stores is Janie and Jack (a sister company of Gymboree). JJ offer the aesthetic I crave – classic designs and colors with a node to 1950’s fashion. That being said, my daughter is just a toddler and her clothing should also be fun. Gymboree offers the best of both worlds, IMO. Their designs are classic and they offer playful, bright themes that aren’t over the top. More importantly, as a mainstream brand, they are relatively affordable and accessible.

What is the Gymboree Gymbucks sale?

During certain times of the year, when you shop at Gymboree you are “awarded” Gymbucks for use at a designated time in the future.  You can earn Gymbucks for purchases in store, online, and at outlet stores. For every $50 spent (on anything besides gift certificates), you”ll earn $25 Gymbucks. Usually, there is a code/pin printed on your receipt or you may receive the actual “Gymbuck note” when you shop in store.


Gymboree Gymbucks Sale 2018


When it’s time to redeem during the Gymboree Gymbucks sale, $25 will be deducted off of every $50 you spend.  Essentially, you’ll be getting 50% off. Although Gymbucks cannot be combined with promotion codes, they can be used with Gymboree Reward Dollars. If you currently shop, or are interested in shopping at Gymboree, I highly recommend you sign up for the rewards program. In addition to my 50% off, I will be using $20 reward dollars I’ve got tucked away for an even bigger savings.

Gymboree Gymbucks Sale Wishlist

Now onto the good stuff. Gymboree’s Spring 2018 collection is all about bright Cherry themed garments and Lady Bugs accents. The pieces are colorful while still being classic and I’m loving it. On my wishlist are three absolutely adorable outfits, which can mixed and matched.


Outfit 1 – Cherry Bomb


Gymboree Gymbucks Sale Cherry Bomber JacketGymboree Gymbucks Sale Cherry TopGymboree Gymbucks Sale LadyBug Jeans

Gymboree Gymbucks Sale Iridescent Sneakers


Isn’t this 1950’s-esque bomber jacket is to die for? (I said that in my best Housewives impression). I’m excited to pair it with both tops, like the cute peplum one featured, as well as casual dresses. A small and tasteful lady bug accent on light washed jeans pairs perfectly with some iridescent sneakers for a fun and edgy finish.


Outfit 2 – Denim Bug

Gymboree Gymbucks Sale Denim JacketGymboree Gymbucks Sale LadyBug Dress

Gymboree Gymbucks Black LeggingsGymboree Gymbucks Sale Sparkle Boots

Everyone’s closet can benefit from a great denim jacket. Bunny is growing out of her current one and I think this is a great option: a classic wash and fit. More lady bugs and cute, sparkly boots round off a very smart outfit.


Outfit 3 – Garden of Roses

Gymboree Gymbucks Sale LadyBug SweaterGymboree Gymbucks Sale Rose DressGymboree Gymbucks Sale Sparkle Sneaker


I can’t take credit for putting this together as it’s featured as one of the “outfits” on the Gymboree website. Roses scream classic spring but with a dressed-up feel. This is a great one for an evening out. You can switch out the pink sneakers for some ballet flats for an extra special event.

When its the first Gymbucks sale of 2018? Right now. Members get early access today, while the Gymboree Gymbucks sale officially runs from January 18-28, 2018.


Gymboree Gymbucks Sale 2018
Where do you like to shop for your little one? I always enjoy hearing about what other people love. Happy Shopping, everyone!


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