Dear Daughter: Baby’s First Beach Day

Baby First Beach Day
Dear Daughter,

Summer’s long over, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by how warm it still is. One of the perils (and perks?) of living in the tropics. But as we get set to welcome (hopefully) some cooler weather, I’ve got a big grin on my face thinking about my Baby’s (that’s you) First Beach Day. A couple of months ago we finally made it. You would think, by virtue of living in The Bahamas, and being so close to a beach (under a 10 minute walk), we would have taken you there already. Our bad. You have been to the pool plenty of times though and we definitely think you’ll be a water baby. Anyway, back to beach…


Gotta love that sand…


Baby's First Beach Day


It was a little too rough to take you into the water…but at least you were able to get your feet wet…


Baby's First Beach Day


Baby's First Beach Day


Your first beach day was beautiful and perfect and one that I’ll always cherish. And I know we will have plenty more days like this in the future…


Baby First Beach Day


In other news…


You now have seven whole teeth. Three at the bottom and four at the top…with more on the way. And you’re very eager to chew things…everything. Some of your favorites include my handbag straps, my shirts/tops/blouses/tank tops, your shoes..and all manner of objects not designed to be chewed.

We were worried about your lack of crawling but you finally got the hang of it a couple of months ago. For a while there you’d settled on getting around employing non-traditional methods like the backwards scoot: while on your tummy you use your hands to slide yourself across the floor in a backwards motion. Another favorite form of locomotion? With object of your desire in sight you found crouch, rotate and roll to be quite effective. Eventually, however, you did master the textbook crawl. And we’re pretty sure you’ll be walking any day now as you’ve also mastered standing and cruising (shuffling along while holding onto furniture).

Finally, it pains me to admit this but your first word was “dada”. But I’m quite sure I’ve heard “mama” a few times as well! Just saying.



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